I am so sick of politics. Politics are suddenly everywhere. I cannot avoid them. Not long ago, I felt free. I was living a happy, peaceful, and productive life. All I wanted to do was study nature and make friends and help organizations and be creative. And now, my studies are constantly interrupted. Everyone, man, woman, and organization, is crushed by the oppression of media and politics. And we want to be free. Neighbors are turning against each other, sometimes to the point of violence. This cannot continue.

Until recently, I was of course not planning to vote. In the last election, neither candidate seemed like a good leader so I ignored the whole thing. It felt great. This election was looking to be no different. But then gradually, it began to look much different. Things started to get really weird. I thought maybe I would just ride it out in Mexico. But I finally decided I was not going to run away. I was not ready to give up on America.

People that know me know that I do not care for politics. For most of my adult life people simply did not bring it up with me. I would not engage in conversations or scenes with people that were interested in this realm. To me it seemed like a silly hobby. Though I did think it was strange that people interested or involved directly in politics never discussed actual policies. They only discussed people. It was celebrity gossip but the actors were uglier. It was betting on baseball except the actual games were few and far between. It was so boring.

I remember, years ago, the one and only time in my life I cast a vote. I was in college and I voted for Barack Obama. I was proud to come of age and do my civic duty and get informed and I was proud to support him. He seemed like an honest hardworking man who wanted what was best for America. He was focused on healthcare and it seemed like he could get things done, and he did.

I also remember that my girlfriend at the time did not vote for Obama, she voted for McCain. I did not learn this until election day. She asked me to drop her off at the polls and I casually asked who she was voting for. Suddenly I realized that we had been intimate and dating for 6 months during an election year and had not once discussed politics with each other or with anybody else around each other. We had completely different political views and yet it did not affect our relationship in the least. We did not even know. And after the election we still did not discuss politics. There were far more interesting things to discuss. Now I realize this was just before Facebook got popular at our university. This was before The New York Times grew to become what it is today.

When Obama was president I felt safe and proud to be an American. We were taking care of each other by prioritizing healthcare. Some felt we had finally conquered racism once and for all by electing a black man. Obama even won the Nobel Peace Prize. Surely wars were over forever.

I generally try to minimize my interactions with the Federal government but under Obama I did encounter him a couple of times.

Obama once gave a talk to a room full of entrepreneurs in Los Angeles and I was invited. It was a great speech filled with encouraging words and afterwards he shook my hand. It felt good.

I also interacted with his Clean Power Plan. I was fascinated by biofuels and “bio-foods”. It was the future. And Obama was funding it to the tune of $510 million! I excitedly met with researchers at Caltech and entrepreneurs in San Diego who had received huge grants to do the work. Unfortunately, the requirement to get the money included being “shovel ready”. You had to immediately start building a facility to make your biofuels.

But biofuels were not ready. It would take years of R&D to optimize the biology and growth environments and processing technology to make it feasible. These scientific facts did not matter politically. It was time to start digging. All of the companies burned huge amounts of government money and had no sustainable business when it was gone and they all went bankrupt. Maybe they created some jobs but they were only temporary. I learned to be suspicious of large government funded programs, even if I believed in the technology.

Then I spent some time out of America. I was invited to India to speak at a conference and I saw, in person, an interview with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the former president of Iran. The American press had made him out to be a bad person but he did not seem like one. In fact, like Obama, he had come from a humble background, worked hard, bravely faced political opponents, believed earnestly in improving his country, and in many ways it appeared that he had done so. Mahmoud did not like Obama. To my surprise he criticized him for being a warmonger. That he was violent. He was a “wolf in sheep’s clothing”. I was shocked. But it was true. Obama had ordered a staggering number of deadly airstrikes all over the globe. This fact was not hidden. It was plainly written in many places. And yet most people simply did not see him in this way. This was not the story we had been told. That was when I realized I had to be careful who I listened to.

I vividly remember the first time someone accused me of being political. It was an unhappy employee at my company. It was not a compliment. It was an insult. The company, she said, had become political. She did not mean we had become involved in local or federal policies. She meant that the managers and employees had lost sight of the true purpose and focus of the organization and devolved into a disorganized collection of personal agendas and egos. Everybody was forced to navigate a secretive, complicated web of influences, allies, favors, and deceptions with the ultimate goal of furthering themselves and their supposed tribe. There were even a few high profile betrayals. They had completely forgotten about their work and the culture became unbearable and the performance of the company suffered greatly. I had to do something. I had to step up as a leader, get people focused again, and if people insisted on putting themselves and their own agendas ahead of the needs of the organization, they had to go. Overnight everything got much better and the company got back on track.

Now let’s talk about this election. I admit I have not been following it. To do so would be masochistic. I do not have a television. I am not on social media. I only know the candidates indirectly and what I have read on Wikipedia.

Donald Trump is the incumbent. He is on every ballot and every screen. People see his face more than the faces of their loved ones. Who is this man? I have never met him. But I know people that have. They say he is very mean.

Unlike most people that do not like Donald Trump, I have read his book, the New York Times Bestseller “The Art of the Deal”. The book was ghostwritten at an approximately 4th grade reading level so it only took a few hours. In the book he talks about how much he loves deals. The bigger the better. To Donald, deals are his art, his vocation, his love. And oh what deals he has done. He did many deals in New York and elsewhere, many large, complex deals with many difficult to organize participants and huge amounts of money. He is good at it.

Also featured prominently in Donald Trump's book is Donald Trump. He loves himself past the point of security or confidence. He has an ego. A big one. And he has a system and process for making this ego larger. He thinks that acting in this way is what is best for himself and other people and America. He believes everybody is proud and dishonest and selfish. He is just the most skilled at it. Maybe he read Ayn Rand at some point in his life.

It is very clear in the book that Donald Trump tells lies. He thinks it is ok to say things that are not true. In fact he finds this behavior is essential to doing the things that he wants to do. Maybe it is. I think this fact alone should disqualify him from leadership. How can anyone work for somebody that lies? They and everyone on the team would be perpetually unsure of themselves and each other and confused about what they should do and how they should really feel.

Donald Trump was just another real estate developer in New York city, one of thousands. What changed him, and how I heard about him, was not his buildings or casinos or golf courses he somehow convinced bankers to pay for, it was his television show. The TV Show “The Apprentice” made Donald Trump very famous and made him far more money than any of his real estate developments did. The show glorified the hierarchical nature of “command and control” organizations, a woefully obsolete management style that Donald pushes. It ritualized the process of firing and turned the idea of a Boss into an archetype. People did not necessarily like him. But they were fascinated by him.

Donald Trump is not an expert in housing or real estate or business or policy or leadership. He is an expert in media. To Donald, being President is just another deal, just another TV show, just another way to prove something to himself. The media created Donald Trump, has an intimate relationship with Donald Trump, and like everyone else that has ever worked with Donald Trump, it is a confusing, abusive relationship. Yet it persists, painfully.

Donald Trump figured out something very important. He figured out that he could act ridiculous and tell people what they wanted to hear, whether it was true or not, and the media would have no choice but to give him lots and lots of attention. That’s it. That’s the trick. That’s his whole innovation. Be loud and erratic and tell lies, but also be positive in a vague sense. Reagan’s “it’s morning again in America” became “make America great again”. The word “again” is the key word. We have lost something important and this man is going to help us find it. It is like a story for children.

Now let us talk about Democrats. According to Wikipedia, around 1860, the Democratic party was formed to support limited government and state sovereignty while opposing a national bank and high tariffs. Well none of that happened. I guess they are not very good at getting things done. Clearly we should have shut down this party over a century ago and tried something new. But it persisted. Oh and now it wants a huge government. What? This is all so confusing.

The irony of the Democratic party is that it is guilty of doing the exact same thing Donald Trump does: tell lies. Not directly. Not on purpose. They mean well. The Democrats are so seductive because the things they promise sound so great and so important. They convince themselves that they care about people more than cold-hearted Republicans busily running their businesses. Some of them probably honestly believe that these things are going to happen. But they will not.

Peace and healthcare and welfare and biofuels will not get better under Democrats. They will get worse. They deceive themselves. Health insurance is as broken as it was before Obama. Despite his peaceful appearance, Obama massacred countless combatants and civilians. His favorite weapon was not infantry and tanks and direct conflict. No. He used air strikes. Missiles would come from the blue skies from drones too far away to even see or hear. It is terrifying. It is a weapon of terror. I have no doubt Biden, despite his "calm" appearance, would do the same.

Did you know Biden threw innocent Guatemalans in jail because they did not give a government contract to his company Baxter Medical Devices? They were in jail for years! How is that even possible? No wonder people hate America. Biden is also clearly capable of lying as well. Alcohol was not involved in the tragic accident that killed his wife, which is the story he repeatedly told. It's not a huge lie. But it happens. But again, I think that the policies should matter more than the people.

Welfare enslaves people and the biofuels and clean energy never happened. They probably would happen if the government would just get out of the way. And if the Republicans put businesses before America, the Democrats put politics before America.

America for some reason is only allowed to have these two political parties. But what is stranger still is that there is a mysterious “committee” that decided for us who will run against Donald Trump as the Democrat. We have no insight into this process. Who are these people? What on earth is a “superdelegate”, a “caucus”, and a “super PAC”? How on earth did, of all people, Joseph Biden get selected? He was not leading in the “polls” though I am not sure how those get done. Nobody I knew was at all interested in Joe Biden and suddenly it’s either him or Trump.

Who is this man? I had never heard of him until very recently. Nobody I know has ever met him. According to his Wikipedia page he is a senator from Delaware, which I only know as the state where corporations like to file lawsuits. It looks like he has done pretty much nothing his whole life except be in politics. It also appears that he has been trying to run for president for a very long time. Why now, at a very important time in history is he suddenly the white knight from the Democratic party?

The only Democrat I have heard of is Nancy Pelosi. And I only know 3 things about her. First, she has stood by and watched while the city and county of San Francisco she controls has turned from a gorgeous mecca of culture and innovation into a literal hole of shit. I saw it. I was there. If anything, she hastened its destruction. Second, she worked very hard to “impeach” Donald Trump which she saw as some huge victory but I am not sure what that means because he is still the president. I think it was overturned or something? What a huge distraction for everybody! Finally, I know her son is a drug addict on a downward spiral on the streets of San Francisco. You see, Nancy Pelosi does not care about San Francisco. She does not care about culture or technology or her family. She only cares about politics. That is what it looks like.

The other thing I heard about the election is that everybody is spending lots and lots of money. Donald Trump, who I thought had friends who were big rich businessmen got $150m or so, but Joe Biden somehow raised $400m! From who? Who on earth is giving Joe Biden $400m and what do they expect in return? Also Donald Trump appears to be personally in debt roughly the same amount. To who? Biden is going to spend this $400m on advertisements? In the span of a few weeks? That is insane. If you cannot think of anything better to do with $400m than build golf courses like Trump or buy advertisements with pictures of yourself like Biden you are not fit to lead a family, much less a country. Where is all this money going to go? Media companies!

I thought about the other democratic candidates that were not selected. Many of them had interesting policy ideas. Some had very passionate, vocal, online communities supporting them. But they were not selected. Joe Biden was selected because he really, really, wants to be president. He would do anything. I believe he was selected not because it was decided he would be the president. He was selected because he would be the best puppet.

What issue is Biden most vocal about? Raising taxes and spending trillions of dollars of government money making the same mistakes Obama did on biofuels? Wait wasn’t he Obama’s vice president? Didn’t he see that disaster? How could he not have learned from that? He must know in his heart that it is a bad idea. He must just think it is what people want to hear. He thinks we forgot. He just wants to get elected. He is the same as Trump.

But oh well, what are we to do. It has always been this way, red against blue, you have to vote for one of them. Tsk tsk. Never mind they are both serpentine robots feeding the evil octopus of the New York Times. Just vote. You must register. You must vote. Do not try to look behind the curtain. Do not think any differently. You will always be oppressed. Get used to it.

And then, on Independence Day 2020, my favorite holiday, something amazing happened. Kanye West announced that he was running for president.

I know, in my heart, that Kanye West, while he is not perfect, is the best person to lead America. Even if Kanye West was not running for president, I would vote for him. Unlike the impostors, he is destined to lead.

We should just give all that campaign money back to the leeches from whence it came. We should stop feeding the media companies. We should all just start following Kanye now. I already started. I do not care if somebody or something else gets “elected” or “inaugurated”. I do not have to follow them. They cannot make me. Those things are not leaders anyways. Unlike the followers of the evil octopus, the deceived readers of the New York Times, I actually believe in freedom. And freedom does not come from being told what to read or who to believe or who to obey. Freedom is not given to people that embrace their oppressors. It is given to those that take it. Just like our founding fathers took it. And I will not let it get taken away. Not for me and my house.

At some point America is going to need more than the same old two political parties. Why not now? This might actually be the best time in history. Do you think Kanye's Birthday Party sounds like a joke? It is! It is a good one. Jokes are important. Especially in politics. It is all a joke. Donkeys and elephants and cartoons? Politics has always been based on jokes. And political parties have come and gone for all of history.

I have thought about this very deeply. As time goes on my conviction only grows. I just started asking myself. Why are they attacking him? Why are they ridiculing him? Why would they not let him on the ballot? If they truly did not believe he had a chance, they would just ignore him. Nobody is attacking Rocky De La Fuente, who is on the ballot.

If America were in a crisis of energy, we would want an expert in energy to lead the nation. If the food system was broken, we would want an expert in food. America is in a crisis of media. It is the media that is sucking America and everyone in it dry and turning people against each other. It is not simply for the sake of greed. It is actually evil.

Like most people, I came to know and love Kanye through his music. The frequencies were divine and the words were true. He knows how to find beauty and love and truth and he knows his purpose is to share that with people. And he is constantly innovating, finding better and better ways to do so.

I know that Kanye has been oppressed. And I know that he persisted. I know he slept on the floor in an apartment in Chicago and that people told him that he would never make it and they told him he was a terrible rapper and countless people attacked him and stole from him and misunderstood him and at times he could not unlock his own creativity and his own power eluded him. But he found it. He found the truth. He found the love. And he will use it to fight the evil.

Part of this story sounds a lot like my story. Part of this story is your story. The story of Kanye is the story of America. Not the lies told by the media, the weavers of deception and confusion. It is time somebody told the truth.

Just listen. Kanye said "being rich does not make you fly". Many people assume because Donald Trump appears to have money he is intelligent and a great leader. That is a lie. Kanye knows that. He has always known. And he can teach us. Kanye is the perfect antidote to the poison of Trump, and all of the sick politics.

Nobody in the world understands media and culture better than Kanye West. And that is exactly the help we need. He understands perfectly well all the things that America is struggling with. That which he does not understand, he is eager to learn. Kanye understands power, he understands oppression, he understands race and love and hate and sex and debt and language and religion and money and depression and creativity. And he believes in love. That is the most important part. That is the only way to defeat the evil octopus attacking us.

Go look at his twitter account. Right now. And look at the others. Trump and Biden are just slinging mud and inciting people while Kanye is gently spreading words of love and encouragement and truth. They are trying to distract us. They are trying to deceive us. Not Kanye.

Kanye West is a genius. But more importantly, he realizes that everyone is a genius. They just forgot. He knows how to inspire people. He will bring out the best in people. The other candidates just want to control people.

Kanye is not owned by anyone. He is completely his own person. He does not owe mysterious favors to committees and PACs and donors and established interests. He has his own money. He raised barely $10,000 for his campaign. He is not in debt. He is a free man. One of the only ones in America. And he can help us be free.

Some may find it strange that we would elect a media leader to be a political leader. Oh we need an "experienced" politician. Lies. It just happened in the last election! Ronald Reagan was a media figure as well. It is strange to me that we would expect a career politician to be fit for leadership. All they do is bicker. The business of policy should be a peaceful, somewhat sleepy vocation. But it is a battlefield of mercenaries. Electing a career politician would be like taking a member of a Kindergarten class and telling them to be the teacher. The other children may like the idea. But it would be a disaster. We need a real leader, not somebody political.

Nobody who discusses politics discusses policy. They only focus on personality. Kanye's personality seems eccentric, therefore he must be unfit for leadership. Really? Trump is far more chaotic and erratic and he developed a huge following. If Kanye seems crazy it is because the world is crazy. He is the most sane man alive.

Doesn't he live on a ranch in Wyoming? Yes. That is the best place possible from which to think and lead. From nature. Ronald Reagan spent more than a third of his days as president on his ranch in Santa Barbara with his family. Go to war? Government programs? Are you crazy? Reagan mostly rode horses and cut taxes and spent time with his family on his ranch. That is the American dream.

What about that movie? Idiocracy? Doesn't Kanye look like the president from that movie? Yes. That is because Mike Judge is a prophet. Everything he predicts happens. He predicted the fall of Silicon Valley and he predicted that one day Americans would be intellectually oppressed by the media. In this movie the president is not the villain, he is an inspiring albeit naive figure eager to learn and do better. This is what America should be. In Idiocracy the villain is not the black president, it is the media. It is the media and advertisers that have lied to people and made them stupid. And all it takes is a single soul that speaks the truth to become the president's friend and his teacher and he ends up doing what is right for the nation.

Now, let’s talk about Kanye’s policies. Kanye’s history aside, his political platform and selection and stances on policies are the best I have ever seen. If a totally random functioning human being that I had never heard of selected these same policies in a vacuum, I would vote for them over Trump or Biden. They make sense. All of them. I have never had a presidential candidate whose policies I could understand so easily, much less one that I agreed with almost totally! Most importantly, Kanye cares about issues the others will not even discuss.

Kanye is the only candidate talking about debt. Are people insane? Why is this not the top issue? Debt is slavery. Millions are facing eviction and foreclosure and crushing debt. We have to do something. We have to help people get out of debt. Trump should vote for Kanye. He is in mountains of debt. He needs help.

Kanye is the only candidate to my knowledge that has talked about agriculture. Agriculture is very important to me, and very important to America. Democrats want to crush farmers with regulation and Republicans want to make them slaves to subsidies. They are both wrong. Having a strong, independent, innovative, entrepreneurial agricultural sector is one of the single best things a nation can do to survive and thrive. He even talks about hydroponic technology. He wants to ensure we are a net exporter of food and energy. I have never heard any candidate ever discuss agricultural technology. But it is a very important issue!

Kanye thinks schools are stuck in the 1930s. He is right! He thinks we should use the internet more for better education. He wants to end school shootings and suicides and use schools to help people embark on paths of lifelong learning and help people unlock their own creativity instead of training to be poorly skilled wage slaves. Go get it done.

I am so grateful that Kanye realizes he can love America and not hate China. Why would anyone hate China? It is absurd to be mad at China or Chinese people for the coronavirus. It hurt them too! We should work together. Everyone should fight the virus. How foolish would a leader have to be to not invest in relations with a world power at a time of instability? He also wants fair trade. You mean what the democratic was founded to do? Biden should vote for Kanye!

Kanye says he wants the government to collaborate with scientists and industries, including pharmaceuticals. Thank god. I can tell you that no living scientist or industrialist feels the US government is collaborating with them. Politics have oppressed science and industry to serve the personal agendas of bureaucrats since the 1950s. Please liberate them.

Kanye West believes in protecting life and the environment. He believes in supporting faith-based organizations, including bringing prayer back to schools. I do not identify as a Christian, but I think that is a fantastic idea. Prayer has power. I have seen it. I have felt it. And even if you do not feel as I do I cannot imagine finding at least the care, introspection, and mindfulness of the process of prayer beneficial to people, especially youth.

Kanye does not want the police to brutalize anyone. But he also does not want people to act brutally towards the police. That is refreshingly logical.

Kanye supports the legalization of marijuana. Obviously this should happen. Most people in government already support this but nobody wants to actually make it happen. I hope he also believes in the legalization of psychedelics. I think that is a very important issue. I cannot imagine the other candidates supporting that.

Kanye opposes capital punishment. Certainly we should not have capital punishment. The practice is savage.

Kanye does not like violence. But he will not try to take anyone’s guns away. This should be obvious. Kanye wants to judiciously cut military spending. Also obvious.

Kanye wants to reform the legal system that has treated many people and groups unfairly. I cannot believe he is the only person talking seriously about prison reform. That is a very important realm of policy badly in need of attention.

Kanye is one of the few people that is caring and yet realizes the failings of the welfare system. Reforming this system would have enormous positive effects on both government and the people that today rely on welfare.

Reuters reported that it is “mathematically impossible” for Kanye to get elected because many states refused to put him on the ballot, though they eagerly accepted many candidates that were not serious contenders, basically anyone that could buy enough signatures. That is actually the process. Kanye also wants to reform this system, and the system by which people register to vote. That would be wonderful.

It is not at all impossible for Kanye to win. He is on the ballot in many states, and almost every state has a “write in” option, which I plan to use in California. It seems like lots of “polls” are run by media companies, which of course assure people he has no chance. I could find only one independent online poll that included Kanye’s name and he got 8% of the vote. In July, right after announcing he was running. Biden had been running for president for 30 years and never got that much support.

Obviously the press is going to attack him until election day, and likely beyond. That only makes me more confident that he is the right person to lead America. The media is doing to Kanye all the same things they did to Trump, and he still won. Trump also had much more horrible ammunition to give the media than Kanye does. Before the last election the New York Times predicted Hillary Clinton had a 95% chance to win. Shows what they know.

Even if Kanye is not elected. I have decided to follow him.

Dear Kanye West,

You are now my political leader. I will remain a law abiding citizen of the United States, but I will follow your leadership, and your example. I will work to execute your policies. I will follow the regulations you suggest. You may even tax me. Send me a venmo request. I will do what you ask, so long as you do not ask me to commit an act of violence, but I do not think you will. Please, Kanye, rescue us from oppression, save us from the evil octopus of the New York Times and Trump, Biden, and Nancy Pelosi, the serpentine robots that feed it. Teach us to pray again. Teach us to love again. Teach us to find the genius inside. Forgive us our debts. Help us grow more and better food and find better ways to produce and distribute energy. Work with Elon to take us to Mars.

Help us, Kanye. You are our only hope. Also Kim would make a great first lady. Write in Kanye. Let’s go.

Correction: an earlier version of this piece erroneously stated Biden's son committed suicide. That is not true. While Hunter Biden has been on suicide watch, he did not actually kill himself. I have corrected the article.

Correction 2: I previously mistakenly named Biden's medical device company as Hunter Medical Devices. The correct name is "Baxter" Medical Devices. I have corrected the article. More info here: https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=es&u=https://www.milenio.com/internacional/baxter-acusada-de-traficar-influencias-en-guatemala&prev=search&pto=aue