Like many fallen organizations, Twitter was founded with a noble mission. Inspired by the brevity of the text message (itself a last-minute hack to take advantage of a few spare bits in a telecommunications protocol), Twitter brought a constraint to the infinite canvas of the internet. This encouraged shorter, more rapid conversations. Though Twitter was centralized, it was meant to break open the media's control of news stories and serve as a channel for independent blogs and thinkers to communicate. That was a long time ago. Today Twitter serves to manipulate and suppress information, to serve the political agendas of its activist employees, to brainwash people in to ignoring perspectives outside a certain narrative, to avoid rational discourse, and to attack individuals instead of discussing ideas. And they are absolutely influencing the election.

Twitter is just another arm of the octopus. Like many of today's organizations, it has succumbed to Entryism. Political activists have infiltrated the organization and hijacked its technology to be used entirely for political goals. The sad part is that this was exactly what Twitter was founded to free us from! The founders and early employees that believed in the mission are long gone. The former CEO is talking about shooting billionaires. Wow they must have done a number on him. Today the company, internally, is a chaotic mess of both company and federal politics. Individual employees use the site and their disorganized control over it to elevate and suppress information. 17 year olds are able to hack in to Twitter. Obviously foreign governments are running code on their servers. Behind the curtain of the web site, behind those adorable little blue birds, are a lot of people. And those people are not using Twitter to enable free speech. They are using Twitter to suppress it. They are controlling you.

Just a few days ago, Twitter was caught suppressing the New York Post's coverage of a Hunter Biden story. I do not know the details of this story (something about Biden's son being a drug addict? who cares? that is not a policy) but it is clear that the truth is something Twitter's activist employees do not like. So the NY Post's Twitter account was locked. It looks like it's still locked and Twitter says it will remain locked until after the election? That should be a crime! There is evidence Google is manipulating information as well.

With the Hunter Biden Expose, Suppression is a Bigger Scandal Than The Actual Story
Unprecedented efforts to squelch information about a New York Post story may prove to be more dangerous corruption than whatever Hunter Biden did with a crooked Ukrainian energy company

As Peter Drucker says, nothing is more toxic to an organization than getting involved in politics. Media companies especially have a responsibility to remain focused and independent. I do not care if Hunter Biden is a drug addict. I absolutely care if media companies, especially the internet media companies we have all come to trust, are suppressing and manipulating information! How could it be possible? This is America, is it possible that our media companies and their activist employees have subtly implemented an Orwellian level of censorship? Stranger things have happened. I did not want to believe it. But what was I going to do? Ask Twitter if Twitter was manipulating information? Google if Google was suppressing a story? Was the New York Times going to expose it? They're all infected!

Then it happened to me. A few days ago I published a blog post voicing support for Kanye West and his policies. Kanye himself tweeted it. I expected to get a lot of traffic from someone with 31m followers but somehow I did not. That made me suspicious. Maybe it did not end up on people's feeds. But maybe his followers are just not the type to read a long blog post. Fair.

Then I published an article on The New York Times, how it and other media companies are oppressing journalists and suppressing the truth. I encouraged people to start their own blogs. This spread like "wildfire" many people claimed. I got countless messages and calls, some from people I had not heard from in years. Clearly it was spreading, but if you look on Twitter it does not look that popular.

According to Google Analytics, I was now getting thousands of readers, much direct traffic, but also a lot from Twitter. But nobody on Twitter was sharing it? Interesting. Maybe they're still afraid. Maybe they prefer to stay underground and text it to each other. Fair.

Then I noticed that almost all of the sentiment of the people that shared the Kanye post was negative when you searched for it. Really? Nearly everyone hated it when you did a search. Almost nobody liked it. Did they dislike my reasoning? No. Did they dislike Kanye's policies? No. They disliked me. They disliked someone saying what they really wanted to say.

Weren't these a bunch of tech industry rationalists? Hadn't they heard of Ad Hominem? I did not come from money. When I started my company I had less than $100 and loads of student debt. The last time I got ridiculed it became a profitable company. Also I live out of a backpack. Then lots of people came out of the woodwork to reach out directly and tell me how much they loved it. All the tweeters hated it but all the emailers and texters and signalers loved it? What is going on? Why does the medium make such a difference? Ridicule is an important part of every innovator's story. But still, something seemed off, so I decided to run an experiment.

I went to a friend, in person, that I was not connected with on Twitter, and asked him to tweet the Kanye post to see what would happen. We came up with a moderately positive line about the post and attempted to tweet it. Not only did Twitter refuse to post it, they immediately suspended the account.

The post remained in "drafts" but Twitter would not send it. Why not? Also the account was instantly suspended.

That's odd. Why was it suspended? The user got an email from Twitter confirming the account was indeed suspended.

I will update this post with Twitter's reasoning for why they suspended the account. They still have not given one. But Twitter did at the time make it very clear that the #1 trending topic on Twitter was not Kanye or Trump or Hunter Biden or their suppression of the NY Post, which is what all my friends were talking about, it was Joe Biden. Lots and lots of pictures of Joe Biden smiling and waving.

In the meantime, how about another experiment? I wonder if Twitter will let us share and discuss this article. If you would like to run the test, post this page on Twitter and see if it shows up in your friends' feeds and searches. Go see them in person. When you search for this post URL on their phone do you get the same results as on yours?

I have never tweeted a "hashtag" in my life. I haven't even used Twitter in years. But I am curious. What would happen if people started tweeting


Do you think this is some trick? That I'm just trying to become more popular on Twitter? I don't even have a Twitter account. I deleted it. Maybe you should delete yours too.

I think we should stop tweeting and start reading, and listening, and writing. If you must tweet, please understand ad hominem. Attack the idea not the person. Convince me Twitter is pure and balanced and filled with rational discourse in the pursuit of truth. Convince me they do not have activist employees and they are not attempting to influence the election in any way. It's hard in 140 characters isn't it? Maybe you should start a blog. I would read it.