Imagine you are walking down a freeway. You are in the middle of a throng of thousands and thousands of people. Just walking, not very quickly, down the freeway. Nobody is telling you to walk, you are just walking like you always have and think you always will. Down a wide asphalt freeway, through a dense jungle.

It is the middle of the day. The sun blazes overhead. It is hot. You are hot. You are sweating and you need a drink of water and it has been a long time since you went to the bathroom. But oh well. Such is life. We are all in this together. Everybody around you feels the same way. Maybe when we get to wherever we are going things will be better. Yes you heard someone walking beside you say that.

Traffic is terrible. All these people are crowded in. You cannot walk as fast as you would like to. Neither can they. But you also cannot take a seat and rest. Because everyone is walking.

Suddenly you see a man stop walking. He looks around, and he walks straight toward the jungle! He is crazy! What is wrong with him? Doesn't he see we are all walking here? The spectacle of this causes chaos. Everyone starts walking more slowly staring at this crazy lone figure walk, not down the freeway, but towards the jungle.

This causes more traffic and everyone is concerned for the safety of this man. The jungle is dangerous! We must do the right thing and bring him back to the freeway. Several caring people catch up with him, grab him, and bring him back toward to the freeway. And people decide to pass a rule. That nobody will be allowed to walk toward the jungle again. Look at all the stress and traffic it caused and something terrible could have happened to the man. Thank god it's all over. What a crazy man.

And yet, the next day, we see the same man. He is right at the edge of the jungle! And he has a machete! How did he even get a machete? He is trying to hack through the jungle! Now this really upsets people. He is using this savage weapon to harm the environment! Doesn't he see the poor green and brown branches of the trees and bushes are being cut apart and massacred by his vicious efforts? He must be stopped! This time more people rush to him and take his machete away and drag him back to the freeway. A rule is passed that nobody may use machetes for any reason. Whew that was a close one. What a strange world. What a crazy man.

The next day, the same man is spotted at the same spot in the jungle. Some people just never learn. We took his machete away, but he is pulling and prying with all his might and using his teeth to sever the vines and forge a path through the jungle. It seems there is nothing left to do but put him to death. He keeps on harming our peaceful society and the environment it depends on. What a crazy man.

And then, only then, the people see that through the jungle, through the path he forged, flows a beautiful river. The people rejoice. Throngs of them rush to the river with its fresh clean water. They drink deeply. They quench their thirst. They bathe in it. They feel refreshed. Reborn. They thank the man, praise him for finding this beautiful river.

The people are still walking down the freeway, still not sure where they are going or why. They just keep walking. But now things feel a little different. They are less thirsty, less sweaty, they remember fondly their time in the river. And the man that found it. And they will always remember, the man who got lucky.