I have always loved conspiracy theories. A plausible idea difficult to prove or disprove, they often spread without really taking off. They spark intrigue and curiosity and cause people to question their assumptions. But since they so often involve powers strong enough to control information, who can you even trust? At worst they act as a piece of information that exercises the mind, and historically many have ended up being true. They are a part of any healthy society. Of course it should be natural that people question things.

A few days ago I wrote a blog post endorsing Kanye West as President. I knew it was unlikely he would win, but I thought he was an innovative politician, and I thought that most of his policy ideas were actually good. Maybe he really will lead the free world one day. Then I realized that people were too involved in contrived tribal warfare over names and faces, red vs blue, to pay attention to the actual policies and influences in politics. How did this happen?

By sheer coincidence, the night I published my post, I happened to have dinner with a new business contact in Mexico. He was from the US but lived in Guatemala and had a large company there. We mostly discussed ideas and technology, but before I retired he mentioned that he liked my blog. He had read my post on Kanye, and he told me a story about Joe Biden I had never heard before. He said Joe had used a corrupt UN committee to throw innocent Guatemalans in prison for denying his company, "Hunter Medical Devices", a lucrative contract. I was shocked. How could it be possible that with all the media attention on politics nobody had told this story? I thought this was relevant information to my post, so I updated it to include it. I hoped some professional journalist would read it and use their powers of investigation to find more information.

Then things got even more strange. Soon after, I caught Twitter suppressing my post. Other places on the internet accused me of spreading "misinformation". I was labeled a "conspiracy theorist". I had torn Trump to shreds but the internet was ablaze over a few words about Biden. People could not immediately verify the story with Google so it must be untrue. There was a Wall Street Journal piece hinting at a weird situation with Biden and Guatemala but nobody noticed it. The internet had no record of Hunter Medical but clearly something did happen in Guatemala. It was an interesting puzzle.

But it is true. Joe Biden did have those innocent people thrown in jail. I was simply mistaken about the company's name. The name was not Hunter Medical Devices. It was Baxter Medical Devices. I must have misheard him, or he misspoke. After all, the words sound similar, and Hunter is the name of Biden's son. It is an easy mistake to make. This is a big deal. Not only does it demonstrate Biden's corruption, Baxter is a huge company! Catching them manipulating Guatemalan politics is quite the revelation. Below is the text of an article in Milenio, a major national Mexican newspaper, published 10.24.2017.

The story clearly reinforces my claims. Joe Biden was (maybe still is) a partner in Baxter, which, when he was Vice President, attempted to strongarm a deal in Guatemala, and when they lost, the Guatemalans involved were imprisoned during a two year litigation process, and ultimately released.

The pharmaceutical company Baxter Internacional lobbied former Guatemalan President Otto Pérez Molina to obtain the contract for Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis (DPCA) services for patients from the Guatemalan Social Security Institute (IGSS) for around 116 million quetzals.

In an interview after appearing in court for the so-called “La Línea” case, Pérez Molina pointed out that former United States Vice President John [sic] Biden sought to negotiate private meetings to, apparently, seek the award of the IGSS contract in favor of the company American Baxter Inc.

Otto Pérez Molina, who was president of Guatemala during the period 2012-2015, indicated that the US official is a partner of that company.

"What I can confirm is not only the closeness between Baxter and Biden, but I can also confirm that the embassy requested a meeting with my private secretary and with my general secretary so that they could influence Baxter to win that ( the tender for the Automated Continuous Peritoneal Dialysis service) Is that influence peddling or not? ”, said Pérez Molina.

The tender for the DPCA service was awarded in 2015 to the company Droguería PiSA de Guatemala. Subsequently, a legal process was initiated against the winning company for alleged "irregularities" in the contract.

The pharmaceutical company Baxter Inc. has been constantly singled out for malpractice internationally. In the United States, the Department of Justice fined Baxter Inc. with a fine of 18 million dollars for the contamination and sale of intravenous solutions.

In Mexico, the Ministry of Public Function (SFP) declared illegal a tender called by the delegation of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) in Puebla, when it was found that it had intended to favor Baxter with the contract for the Peritoneal Dialysis service Automated. Subsequently, the First District Court for Civil, Administrative and Labor Matters and Federal Trials in Puebla, declared the bidding illegal and requested that the contest be reinstated.

After two years of litigation, in March of this year, the General Comptroller of Accounts (CGC) of Guatemala issued the Official Report of the Special Audit Examination for State Contracts, related to the contract and the bidding process. The document ruled that the process of awarding the contract to the company Droguería PiSA was carried out in accordance with the Procurement Law of that country and there were no anomalies.

The former president of Guatemala Otto Perez Molina explained that he had pressure from the United States government. “[…] We had (pressure) from Vice President Biden, not only when I went to Washington but also when he came here. There is another thing that is important, because there was another background that I found out until later, and that is that Biden is also a partner of the Baxter company, that Baxter company came here to compete”.

Pérez Molina said that there could be influence peddling because the same United States embassy in Guatemala, headed by Tot Robinson. “It turns out that the United States embassy, ​​imagine here, made an appointment with my private secretary and my general secretary to attend to them and they were accompanied by embassy personnel, Baxter representatives, to ask us and tell us that this Baxter contract would he had and that Baxter had to win it again.

After two years of litigation, in March of this year, the Comptroller General of Accounts (CGC) of the Central American country, issued the Official Report of the Special Audit Examination for State Contracts, related to the contract and the bidding process and ruled that the process of awarding the contract to the company Droguería PiSA was carried out in accordance with the Procurement Law of that country and there was no anomaly involved.

After presenting the Report of the Comptroller General of Accounts (CGC) as evidence in the process, nurses from the IGSS who were affected were released under the preventive prison regime, since they were detained in clear violation of their human rights.

source: https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=es&u=https://www.milenio.com/internacional/baxter-acusada-de-traficar-influencias-en-guatemala&prev=search&pto=aue

How did nobody else find this? How was this even possible? Did Biden do something illegal? How with all the media sites and shows and all the journalists in journalism discussing politics did nobody tell this story? Maybe the media is in even worse shape than I thought. I don't even care who wins the election. Clearly there is something deeper and darker than red or blue at work.

So, you can call me a conspiracy theorist. But I am not a liar. And curiosity, is one of the most powerful weapons against oppression.

Another source: https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2020/10/joe_bidens_hand_in_corruption_subversion_and_crime_in_guatemala.html