The news is terrible. Not only is it filled with daily deceptions to serve the greed and agendas of the powerful, the very premise is a trick. It is an exploit to get and keep you ignorant and addicted. The trick is that just because information is "new", it is relevant, it is important. You need to keep coming back in order to be informed. In truth, this is rarely the case, and it is almost never the case when it comes to the actual commercial news. And worse, by making you think you are knowledgeable upon consuming this poison, it prevents you from seeking the real truth.

The solution is not better news. It is no news. Stop reading the news. Your life will get much better. You will still know what you need to know to live your life and love other people and be successful. In fact you will find it much, much easier to focus on the things that are actually important and will not be such a brainwashed depressed person like the people that watch the news all the time.

Next, you need to start reading the "olds". You should instead seek out truth, information that has stood the test of time. The older the better. You should read the Vedas, the Upanishads, Proverbs, Tao Te Ching, I Ching, Plato, Euripides, Descartes, Kant, Bonaventure, The Emerald Tablets of Thoth, the older the better. If you think these old texts are no longer relevant you have been deceived. They are more relevant than ever. Old books give you new ideas.

I also want you to stop looking at the stupid stuff young people do on your phone. Stop texting and DM'ing ignorant young people and call somebody that is old. Call somebody that is wise. Delete those stupid apps that feed you lies and stress and dopamine. Find the oldest person in your phone and call them. And listen to them. Are you surprised that they know what you are going through? They've been through it! Probably multiple times.

Stop asking the internet your questions and call your mom. Call your father. Call somebody that is old. They know things you do not. They know things the internet does not. And unlike the censors on Twitter, they will not lie to you. Listen to them. They care about you.

Your brain has probably been mostly eaten by the New York Slime, which I suspect is a state-controlled propaganda machine, Project Mockingbird 2.0. But it can regrow. You can learn to think again. And then you can learn to think for yourself. All you need to do is stop drinking the poison. You will feel better overnight. And then you can start drinking the nutrition of truth and wisdom. An hour with Proverbs will feed you more than a lifetime wasted on social media. It may take months or years but you will get your brain back. You will get your life back. And your true friends, and the truly wise people in your life, will be so glad to hear from you. They missed you. They love you. The news does not. The news hates you. The news wants to control you. The news wants to addict and destroy you. Do not let them.

I feel like in the past 50 years all innovation has been suppressed with the exception of mass media. Our lives are bursting at the seams with content and pornography and we are practically coerced to consume it. We think we have to let it program us but we do not. People stare at screens all day and they do not listen. They forgot how to listen to their loved ones and the wise ones and the people that were right thousands of years ago and are still right. They are brainwashed to watch the new show the new movie and read the new trash from the New York Slime. Please make it stop. Please stop going to that awful web site and watching the programming. Please read something old. Do it for yourself. Do it for the future. It's not too late.

The New York Times is trash.