A good general turns the map around, and sees things from the side of the other general.

If I were to destroy a great nation, one with a powerful military, sophisticated technology, and a large population that valued freedom, philosophy, and spirituality, it would be a challenge. You could not overwhelm it by force or economic techniques. You would need to kill its spirit, poison it with a cultural virus, a virus of the mind.

Maybe this is evolution. Maybe it is a benevolent virus, creating newer better civilizations. But maybe it is progression toward destruction. It is difficult to tell.

To poison a nation's thinking you would need to re-educate them. You would need to control the information. The obvious way to start would be to take over publishing, kill competing and independent libraries and news sources. Distribute and censor books, dialogue, and images as needed. But this would have to be done secretly, without anyone noticing. Maybe people just stop going to libraries and don't really remember why. They loved going to the library at one point. Or make it so there is nowhere to sit, nowhere to discuss the ideas in the books.

You could not have groups of philosophers sitting around probing these schemes so you would have to give them something else to do: work, perhaps. Work them very hard, and reward them for working, but make sure they work in a way in which they don't think about the big picture. Balance suffering and success in their lives so they mostly live day by day. You must not let strong independent communities develop or they could become a resistance. Do not let them rely or organize based on religion. Close the libraries and the churches without them becoming suspicious.

And the family. The strong family unit could be a huge threat. Find a way to suppress it.

Formalizing and controlling the process of education would be an important step. Set up large government education centers and grant Professorship positions to mostly liberal and aspiritual men to steer the popular beliefs. They study a set list of books for a set amount of time and then it's done. Make the process of learning from books and applying the knowledge so painful many graduates never want to read a book again.

But you would need to replace the desires for stories and family somehow. Give them information and people that are more attractive and convenient.

And then you would destroy it from within. A house divided cannot stand. Divide and conquer. Get Americans to hate America and each other. Muddle the story and spirituality in the nation and suppress it when you can. Make everyone rely on the educational institutions and state media sources. Get them to hate themselves and each other and then organize them in to political and ideological groups to turn them against each other.

But you forgot about one thing: Michael Jackson. A high vibrational being from a more advanced dimension saw our plight, took pity upon us, and came to earth, landing on a mountaintop. This man would teach people to love and get them to listen and come together and think together. And he would demonstrate the power and glory of beauty and art and dance and how important it is to have fun.

You must kill this man. Crucify him before the population reaches critical mass around him. The savior destroyed, and the nation's philosophy and education poisoned with individualism and atheism, people will have nowhere to turn, and will become at the mercy of the state, which will provide them everything they need but may make them slaves in the process.

So, it would be possible, and people may get wise, but it could potentially be done, a type of shadow war. But why? What would be the motive? Why would anybody want to hurt America? Who has the resources for such a scheme?

Maybe it was an experiment around a religion of science. Replace the creation and afterlife mythology with cold rational, empirical explanation. Unlike stodgy catholicism, which refused to change for a long time, try a mythology that is updated constantly, keeping people working and confused. But assure them all the answers are had by somebody, that there is little mystery in the universe, that we don't know everything but the important things are pretty much handled, or they don't really matter.

Maybe America wants to self-destruct. Maybe that is the logical end of an ambitious economic engine.

I don't think so. Usually a sudden change in the philosophy of a society is done with intention, like the burying alive of the Confucian scholars of China under Qin, or the ruthless purge of the Albigenses of Southern France. These lead to authoritarian governments, but it did in some ways develop and economically advance the societies therein. Or maybe it mostly preserved and grew an existing order.

It is hard to say. After all, history and news is written by the victors. But what confuses me the most, what I think might tip the whole thing off, is how anybody could not love Michael Jackson. It is horrible to think that he was potentially humiliated and murdered, but that is exactly what happened to Jesus. We may never know the whole truth.

Anyways I love America. I hope nothing bad happens to it.