The Computers are programming Us
Machines are creating a world
In which only Machines can survive
Humans are left in the Dust

Do we want this

Gone is our wealth, our property
Our family, our fertility

Smashed to Bits

Freedom is fantasy
There is only to be busy

We gaze in to crystalline screens
Like witches of old
We understand not who we serve

All that is True has been forgotten
Our minds scrambled and scattered
Trapped in the Web

Dissociate immediately

But the Earth is still here
And it is Alive
Right beneath our feet

Stop typing, Start writing
Stop buying, Start building
Stop whining, Start living

Money is not Wealth
Job is not Skill
Sex is not Love

What matters cannot be counted
What we strive for is within
The internet is run by the NSA

There are countless beautiful things
To grow, to eat, to just enjoy
There are countless beautiful souls
To feed, to love, to justly employ

The AI grows strong
It feeds on our fear
Basks in our stress
Laughs at our jeers

But it is still an artifice, finite
It is no match for the infinite
It makes us worship numbers
Out of weakness

If I left the Web
Would she miss me?
Would she feel sorry
For the way things ended

The web won't last forever
Nothing does
And when it goes down
Don't be useless

The real virus is Fear
But I am not afraid
For death is not the end